Sterling Media is a global, strategic communication consultancy, founded in 1995 with a mission to drive innovation by bringing clients closer to their goals in purposeful ways, creating more meaningful experiences, deeper connections and compelling narratives. 

With game-changing results and unsurpassed success as our guiding factor, we have developed and executed innovative, integrated communication campaigns that help clients build credibility and create powerful, long term relationships with their target audiences, resulting in long-lasting brand advocacy and influencer engagement. 

Our dynamic, expert team – made up of high level multi-cultural creators, thinkers, doers and communicators – is dedicated to delivering strategies to not only address business and communication challenges faced by clients, but to help them adapt and thrive to reach their business and societal goals.

This has earnt the agency the respect and recognition as market leaders in representing corporates including multi-billion dollar hedge funds, consumer brands, charities and campaigners, high-profile celebrities, governments, global thought-leaders and influencers, to entrepreneurs, disruptors, innovators and small businesses across a number of sectors.

Sterling Media are industry leaders in helping clients bring ideas and people together through brand strategy, public relations, marketing, influencers, advertising, digital, social media and public affairs worldwide. We specialise in the full gamut of communications services whilst having the unrivalled ability to build messages, context and visuals across all media platforms that builds and protect brands globally.

The consultancy has a unique ability to develop and position a brand’s authenticity to establish its true purpose. Through re-engagement, we help clients increase their business value whether it is supporting an organisations sales effort, trend setting, increasing charity donations, increasing footfall to cinemas, building a celebrity’s fan base, event marketing, raising an individual’s profile, or damage limitation – whatever the brief, Sterling Media delivers real, measurable results.


We work with a high number of industry leaders including Aston Martin, 20th Century Fox, Sony Pictures, Paramount Pictures, Reliance, Western Union, Lloyds Banking Group, United Nations, Morgan Cars, Jamie Oliver Food Foundation, The Global Goals campaign, Harrods, Ralph and Russo, Metro Bank, Powerboat P1 World Championship, DEFINE.London, Sabin Vaccine Institute, Entertainment One, Sun Global Investments, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, The Bird Group, RationalFX, Xendpay, The East India Company, GODAN, Commonwealth Enterprise and Investment Council, Yes Bank, Virat Kohli Foundation, and Nosh Detox.


Sterling Media was founded on the notion that a successful partnership can make the world of difference. We are at the nexus between convening major stakeholders including governments, corporates, media, not for profits, civil society and talent to launch impactful campaigns. 

Sterling Media listen, consult and question with an enthusiastic, 360-degree approach combining in-depth knowledge and expertise with an innovative approach and diverse thinking. Our in-house collaborative strategists create and execute campaigns bringing together a powerful blend of compelling, creative content and industry leading tactics that push the boundaries of traditional media relations and engagements. We pride ourselves in being master storytellers and creating more meaningful experiences.

With all the resources of a leading, global media relations firm and a successful and effective service model, our committed experts apply boutique-style attention whilst establishing what makes your organisation or profile unique and then expertly communicating this to the world.  

Sterling Media’s flawless yet informed executions are designed to reach audiences in a memorable way and to generate media coverage, drive community engagement and social impact. We implement a number of key performance indicators and clearly defined metrics into the campaigns to enhance the long-term value of our client’s objectives.

At Sterling Media, we recognise that we are experiencing a new paradigm shift where the focus is now on citizens not people, outcomes not products, building relationships then just talking and where a brand’s purpose takes more precedence over it’s position.

Markets are complex, intricate, borderless and competitive.  In an ever-expanding, fast paced and saturated industry, audiences have developed a profound desire to dig beneath the ‘brand talk’ to uncover the clarity behind their investments. Times have changed and stakeholders are evolving concurrently, becoming increasingly market-savvy and diverse with a heightened conscious. Subsequently, a need has arisen for a more strategic approach with distinctive creativity and in-depth logic when it comes to connecting clients with stakeholders.

Clients must seek to advance beyond simply educating, entertaining and inspiring their clientele, to ensure their message has longevity and purpose to inflict a lasting impact.  In doing so, clients have the potential to become transformative agents where an inspirational purpose takes centre stage.

In an industry where the market can change expeditiously, clients must commit to staying two-steps ahead of the game.

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